domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2010

Chinese Name

Chinese Name
Chinese Name

Each characters explains as follows:
Ma meaning: Horse
Que meaning: Definite
Sha meaning: Sands
Ai meaning: Love
Le meaning: Joyful
Xia meaning: Chivalrous
Re meaning: Cheerful
Traditional Chinese names are often represented by three characters; the first character represents your family name whilst the next two characters constitute your given name.

MA in Chinese is horse. A horse is a very important animal symbol in China. The Chinese always use the horse and the dragon together to express the spirit of a hardworking person. To have MA in your name means you are a hard worker and you will never give up until you reach your goals.

AI in Chinese is love. To use AI in a name is to wish the person to be kind and have a loving heart. And also means love your country and your family. Many Famous Chinese has AI in their names.

LE in Chinese is joyful. People laugh with you, although you don't mind if they laugh at you sometimes because you are a good sport. You spread joy to those around you and are always the life of the party.

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